Leveraging Facebook Group Pages for Business – Direct Selling

The year is 2020 and fast approaching 2021. There are 3.6 billion humans using social media and the landscape is as dense as ever with brands, small businesses, and entrepreneurs alike fighting for coveted space amongst newsfeeds. Not to mention, attention spans continue to decrease in the fight for consumption.

From product promotions to political and charitable donations, social commerce is here to stay. But how can you effectively navigate promoting your business through a sea of content and ads? The answer is and has been community.

“A Network gives you Reach; A Community gives you Power!” ~Ted Rubin, Photofy CMO

As a serial entrepreneur and Forbes influencer, Gretta van Riel claims “The 4 P’s (product, price, promotion, placement) of marketing are out, the 4 E’s are in – engagement, experience, exclusivity, emotion.”

Now more than ever, we humans long for authenticity and connection to a brand and its service or product offerings. Prioritizing conversations and community engagement is key to running a successful business online. While there are many social media platforms you can use, Facebook remains the most popular for community engagement for business as they have more than 70 million active businesses. BUT between Facebook Business Pages or Facebook Group Pages for Business, there is a stark difference in how business owners can leverage authentic brand connection utilizing Facebook to their advantage.

Let’s outline the key differences so you can make a decision that will help you in the long run:

Facebook Business Pages:

  • PRO: Great for broadcasting content
  • PRO: Can serve as a mini-form of a business website
  • PRO: Great for paid support
  • CON: Low engagement rates
  • CON: highly competitive ad spend
  • CON: Not the best space to reach new people organically

Facebook Group Page for Business:

  • PRO: Great for communicating and engaging with target audiences
  • PRO: Ability to generate quality leads and higher engagement rates
  • PRO: Can provide exclusivity for customers to participate
  • CON: Not as many opportunities for paid support

Interested in learning how to create your own Facebook Group for Business Page using Photofy? Watch the video below for more: