Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Photofy?

    Photofy is a mobile and web platform that allows users to enhance photos with professionally designed greetings, stickers, frames and other illustrations. Our goal is to not only make self-expression easy, but also to make it fun!

  • What is the Photofy mission?

    To empower individual users, businesses, and non-profit organizations to enhance photos with their own unique, individual touch by utilizing our simple, intuitive application overflowing with opportunities for self-expression, social commerce, and brand engagement.

  • Why do I need to register?

    Registration is required to use the Photofy app so that can we tailor your experience to you, the user.

  • Why is my birth date required for registration?

    As part of our terms and conditions, users need to be at least 13 years old to use our app. In addition, if there is age-restricted content within the app that should not be shown to certain users, we will use your birth date to control this.

  • How do I recover my password if I forgot it?

    Please visit our web portal at to reset your password or use the reset password link in the app.

  • How do I view more designs, stickers or frames?

    When you click to add a design, sticker or frame, you will be taken to our category pages, which features illustrative icons of all the categories we have content for (birthday, baby, holidays, etc.).  By clicking on a category, it will take you to the respective carousel for designs, frames or stickesr.  Also, when you are on a carousel page, simply click the "View More" drop down menu to see other category listings.

  • What can I do to enhance my photo?

    At Photofy, we have tried to simplify the photo enhancement experience by only offering the most popular of editing features. Our app allows you to crop a photo, apply photo effects (filters like black and white), add designs, add frames, add stickers, adjust the opacity of designs (this allows you to create a watermark effect), and add free-form text. If there are any additional enhancement options that you would like to see, please let us know and we will review the request!

  • Which platforms can I use to share my enhanced photo?

    Today, you can share your photos via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Flickr and even texting. In addition, you can use our Passagram feature (learn more about Passagram below) to email greetings to your friends, family and clients.

  • What is Passagram?

    Passagram is an email platform (SaaS) designed to send HTML emails using photo or image greetings via our mobile or web Photofy app. The system can be used to send consumer greetings or marketing emails.

  • Is an internet connection required to use the Photofy app?

    Yes, an internet connection is required to use our app so that we can provide you with the best user experience.

  • What is My Photofy Assets, a.k.a. Private Gallery?

    My Photofy Assets, previously known as Private Gallery, is a feature that allows you to store unique content within the Photofy platform to be used within the app to enhance your photos. Ideas for content include loading your company logo, a special greeting for your kid's birthday or a hand-drawn illustration.  

    The content needs to be created outside of the app, on a computer, and loaded via our site. The content can be self-generated, or if you are not the creative type, feel free to reach out to some of our featured contributors to work with you on creating exclusive content.

  • What are some good examples of users for the My Photofy Assets (Private Gallery) feature?

    Business owners – You’ve just discovered the easiest (& most cost effective) way to market your business.  Upload your logo, your mantra, your signature sayings.  Take a photo on your smartphone of customers/ clients, new products, new features in your store, your salon or your restaurant.  Drop a design from your Private Gallery on it…and share it with the world!  Turns your customers into raving celebrities sharing their photo with all their friends.  That photo of your mouthwatering new menu item, no matter where it’s shared, has your logo embedded in it.  Wherever that photo goes…it’s your branding for all to see.

    Brides & Grooms – Personalize your photos by uploading your names & wedding date, your bridal parties’ names and wedding venue.  Drop them onto photos and share with friends…so everyone will know how wildly fun “Best Man Randy” is long before the Wobble Baby hits the dance floor.

    E-commerce stores - Selling something online? You have less than 1.7 seconds to capture a browsing buyer’s attention.  Draw their eyes to your item’s photo first.  Use the Private Gallery feature to embed unique comments to your sale items.  “The most awesome camera you’ll ever own” or “My kids loved this!” or “Available in 15 other colors”.

    Parents – Who’s got time to put anything in a baby book, let alone a scrapbook!   Upload designs to your Private Gallery like your MVP’s jersey number, your newborn’s stats, an icon of the school mascot, Go Tigers!  Share “those best moment” photos from the soccer field, at the playground or from the audience.  It all happens in seconds, right from your fingertips.  And watch the Joneses try to keep up with you!

  • Which platforms does your app support?

    Our app is available for iOS (both iPhone and iPad versions) and Android.

  • How do I rotate and resize a design?

    We use the native features of your phone to rotate and resize your design. To resize, simply click on the design, and pinch in or out. To rotate, click on the design, and rotate your fingers on the screen.  In addition, you can use the advanced controls to adjust sizing and rotation.

  • How do I become an art contributor to your app?

    One of our goals at Photofy is to create the world's largest content library for photo enhancement. We are always looking for new contributors, whether you are a professional designer or an aspiring artist, you are invited to submit your designs. Please visit our website at to get started today!